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Allow Love into Your Life — April 29, 2017

Allow Love into Your Life


“Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life. – Merle Shain

I don’t really know how to start this confession. I’ve been feeling so many emotions these past few months about relationships in general. In my mind, I felt I’d never find a genuine person to give my heart to in this generation. Now a days, people in their 20’s are taught to not love fully. We’re programmed unconsciously not to give our hearts, our bodies, our souls, nor our truest self just to play the game of “dating” correctly. We’re programmed by our parents and our peers to think that we should never trust anyone. And unconsciously, this is the way I’ve always thought since high school. So, from that point on, even at approaching age 25 in the next few days, I haven’t had a true relationship since. To be real, I’ve casually dated, casually been intimate, but put my goals of graduating college and making something of myself first for the past 6 years. And I’m so tired of it since I’ve always wanted that traditional lifestyle of getting to know someone to prepare for marriage, getting married, and having a child all before I’m 30. But I didn’t know if that was realistic because I had no idea if genuine and traditional men existed anymore. Until I met someone who completely changed that perspective for me. This isn’t necessarily a love story like you all are probably thinking, but more so a blessing and a lesson.

When we met, it was so magical at the beginning. I was in awe with this person that I thought something had to be wrong with him. So, I created problems that didn’t even exist because I had never met someone who made me feel so beautiful, so worthy, so important. He made me feel like a queen. At the beginning, we didn’t even date like normal people usually do when they meet. We hung out with our close friends and were never afraid to show how much we liked each other, no matter who was around. Everyone admired our connection. But in the midst of those moments, I saw no one but him. The connection was crazy. I’ve never had mutual feelings for a guy in my entire life. And I freaked out. On him. All the time. Because it just didn’t seem real. Was he really this genuine? Is he really taking time to make me a part of his everyday life? Things were just too perfect, and honestly, I felt like I didn’t deserve such a wonderful guy. I dated outside of him just to make sure monogamy was what I really wanted. He found out sooner than later, and I found out too late that I would give up that lifestyle I had for so long just to be with him and only him. We had our doubts, his reasons were better than mine, but we always had fun..

I’ve never been so attracted to someone, and him being so comfortable being affectionate is what I really really really miss. I didn’t know better. I had this perception that no one in this world could be worthy of me pulling down my guard. I didn’t realize that if I hadn’t overthought this whole thing called a connection that I could be in a better position with this guy that had nothing but great intentions with me at the beginning. But I stayed in that place of fear. I wish I believed that if I gave love one try, I wouldn’t get hurt this time. Now, my mentality is slightly different. I know from now on I won’t bring up non-existent problems in the future. I know I brought out the worst in him from being so judgmental of all men. And the truth is all men aren’t the same. There are men out there that will do right by you at the very beginning. And it seemed unusual for me at first, but looking back, I wish my current self would go about that situation with an open mind. We all need to live in the moment sometimes, without overthinking, and see where things go. But hey, things happen for a reason.

I know I’m saying too much for the world to see, I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks. My advice to those dating in this generation is to judge someone based on actions and not perceptions. Don’t listen to anyone or anything but your gut. Keep your relationship as private as you can. Keep all details between you and your guy, not your friends and family because everyone thinks differently which can deteriorate your thinking at times. Express yourself when you need to, be a friend first, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, exude love at all times no matter what, and always treat others how you would want to be treated. It’s easier said than done, but can be done. And now I’m going to take my own advice and hope for the very best.

Thanks for reading!

Consistency. — July 27, 2016


“When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.” – Arsene Wenger.

Hello Readers!

So this week, I got a flood of messages on my LinkedIn page saying congratulations for having my blog for an entire year! Since it’s been forever, I thought it was only right to put out a new post.

I know I say this all the time, but I want to apologize for my inconsistency with this blogging. I’ve been dealing with the transitions after graduation while still trying to stay sane. It’s been tough for me, but I’m not the kind of person to fold under pressure.

I’m currently seeking a big girl job in the broadcasting world, while pursuing some acting and freelance work on the side. Everyone knows when you’re first starting out in acting and freelancing, the reward can take a while to receive. So I guess you can say I’m definitely dealing with “The Post Grad Blues.” (I did not sign up for this). But life has a funny way of putting us in vulnerable situations just to prepare us for the better things.

If you’re anything like me, you have this notion that you need to rush into the things you think you are supposed to have. But things don’t work like that. Everyone is constantly working to improve something in their lives, and there is no “right” way/time/age to do anything. So I want you all to always remember, that in situations where you are trying to make that transition to “bigger and better”, remember that all great things take time and consistency. Knowing just that, you will be fine.

With that being said, I’m going to practice what I preach and be more consistent with keeping my blog updated 🙂

Enjoy your day folks!


Pursue Your Vision. — December 25, 2015

Pursue Your Vision.

 Hey readers! It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. I recently graduated from CMU and it’s been the craziest experience of my life. With a double major, a job, a dream, and goals, I’ve been very occupied. But like I stated before, this blog was created to motivate and uplift the driven crowd, and I promise to do that for the remainder of my life through this outlet.

I decided to double major at Central Michigan University in Integrated Public Relations and Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, and I’m so happy to finally be done with this stage in my life. It sounds so cool to finally be able to say that I’ve graduated from college, but the journey was not as easy as everyone in my circle think it was, even though I handled it with ease.

When I was a freshman at CMU, I made so many mistakes. I had never been on my own or independent. I was 18 and wild. I made friends with people that were secretly out to get me, I partied all the time,but was having the time of my life! My life looked like the ideal life for any 18 year old who wanted to go further in life. But what most don’t know is that for me to be at the point where I am now, I had to fail. And fail. And fail. And fail. Sooooooooo many times. And I got discouraged. Soooooooooo many times. Not only did I fail constantly on my road to adulthood, I took losses along the way. And by losses, I mean I lost people in my life that were in my family, due to violence.

When I was starting my senior year of high school in 2009, my oldest brother, Marquis, and his girlfriend were struck by a reckless driver and killed in a car accident. So I came into my college career in 2010 depressed and discouraged to begin with. But I held on and stayed strong because I knew that I wanted to better myself. By the time I was a sophmore in college, 2011, my other brother, Michael, who was closer in age to me, was killed during a car jacking. At that point in my life, I had nothing left in me to continue on with school. I wanted to quit going to school so many times and just go back home with my parents. I went through depression, I had suicidal thoughts, I felt like nothing, I drank alcohol every chance I had, and I thought that life was over for me.

I stayed strong, though. Through it all, I always invisioned myself as someone who would make a huge impact on television. I always knew I had what it took to change the game through television. So with that little bit of faith, I kept going. I kept pursuing school, I kept traveling, and I kept putting my name out there in the industry. And with that little bit of drive I had, I was able to build up enough strength to be at the point I’m at today. I’ve held several internships in the television industry that eventually landed me a sweet gig with “TMZ Live” on FOX as an audience correspondent. Now I have the power to go anywhere in the idustry as I please because I kept pursuing my dreams no matter how hard life got for me.

So with my story, I hope all of you out there get inspired to go after everything you know you deserve no matter how hard life gets. If you want something, don’t stop pursuing it no matter what. Don’t get discouraged. Even if others leave your side along the way, do what you love no matter what. I promise it will pay off. Know your worth and follow your dreams. You never know what may come out of your hard work. Go after the life you know you want.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do next. But I trust in myself enough to know that things are going UP from here. I’m never falling off no matter what happens, because my past has molded me into someone who will never settle for nothing less. I WILL be great. And I’m sure all of you reading this will be great, too. Just make a promise to yourselves that you won’t give up along your journey’s to success, and you’ll be fine. Trust me.

Stay Blessed.

-Dee Bby.

Stay Humble — October 6, 2015

Stay Humble


“You Must Be Humbled Before You Can Be Honored.” – Proverbs 15:33

Hey Readers!

I know it’s been forever and I’m sorry. Not only has school been consuming my time, but the reality of life has been consuming it, too. Moving into my place and enjoying my own company has left me with a lot of time to think about how I can achieve my goals and my dreams quicker (I’m VERY impatient). I’ve had time to make mistakes in the past, and lately I’ve been thinking that if I hadn’t made certain mistakes along the journey of adulthood, I could’ve achieved many of my goals so long ago.

When I was a girl, I manifested success really early on in life. I was basically working in my career at the age of 16 all the way up until I was about 21. I’m featured on “TMZ Live” here and there, so I guess I kind of still work in my field, but not how I planned on doing so at this age. But any-who, once I turned 21, I thought I had it all together. At that point in my life, I was able to drink, travel, and do basically whatever I wanted to do. With that much freedom, I made terrible mistakes and took advantage of opportunities because I had no care in the world of what people thought of me. I was way too young, and way too cocky. I burned many bridges and let great opportunities slip right through my hands.

Being the “cocky girl” obviously got me nowhere because the mistakes I did make are continuing to follow me today as a 23 year old woman. It’s frustrating, but of course I learned from this. I needed to STAY HUMBLE ( something  I wish I could’ve told myself 2 years ago).

So my advice to you all tonight is that if you have it all together right now, when it comes to your career and your life in general, don’t take advantage of those opportunities nor think for one second that you’re better than anybody because it will catch up to you so fast. Stay HUMBLE (even when you and everybody else around you knows that you’re really the shit). Let your actions and the moves you make do the talking, NOT YOU. STAY HUMBLE! Through the triumphs and the storms.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Travel’s Guide — September 30, 2015

Travel’s Guide

Traveling is one of the best investments you can make for memories. As a frequent traveler, I’ve learned a lot about what and what not to do when it comes to taking trips. I hope you enjoy! And if you all have any questions or any video’s you’d like me to post on a certain topic, don’t hesitate to comment, or shoot me an email!


Love You All!

Go BEAST MODE for your Dreams. — September 3, 2015

Go BEAST MODE for your Dreams.


“Yesterday is Not Ours to Recover, but Tomorrow is Ours to Win or Lose.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

Hello to all my lovely readers out there! I hope all has been well and that you all are focusing on your goals and dreams every single day. I most certainly have, and while doing so have learned that it’s time for me to step it up even more.

Classes at Central Michigan University started this past Monday and I can’t be more grateful for this crazy 5 year journey I decided to take when I was 18 years old. I can almost call myself a Professional Media Enthusiast and finally have the documentation as proof to the world. My two degrees!  (So exciting) It took hard work and dedication to get here, and I had to drop a few people along the way. But that’s okay.

I learned through this journey that everything won’t go as planned or go my way every single time. Though I have so much to celebrate, I still get down about the mistakes I’ve made in the past and the time I’ve wasted trying to make others happy. I absolutely hate wasting time, because that’s something that can never be brought back. But I can’t play the blame game with myself anymore. It’s time to go BEAST MODE for me and only me.

When things don’t go your way along the journey, don’t beat yourself up about it. Take time to reflect on all of the amazing things you’ve already done and how you’ve impacted people’s lives. Let your accomplishments be fuel to your fire to keep pushing forward towards greatness. Be the best you! Don’t let petty situations or other people’s opinions affect the way you hustle. Get into BEAST MODE, block out all negativity, and be thankful for how far you’ve come. But be even more excited about where you’re going. It’s time for us all to put primary focus on becoming the greats that we have the potential to be, but to a whole other level. Go BEAST MODE until everything you ever wanted is finally yours, and let your mistakes live in the past.

The Irony of Karma — August 23, 2015

The Irony of Karma


Karma – (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

So today I finally got a taste of what Karma really is.

All I want to say to you all is to be careful how you treat others.

We have to be more aware of how we treat people. Sometimes you could be in a situation when you don’t realize that there are certain people who are truly there for you, but instead you take advantage by not showing your appreciation back. To be honest, I know all of us have been in a situation like this. If you are now, I encourage you to start showing appreciation for those that support you a little bit more often. It could be something easily forgotten when you have a busy lifestyle, but it’s important to acknowledge your appreciation for others because they may walk away one day. How you treat people should be determined on how you want to be treated yourself.

And if we as human beings forget to do so, Karma happens. If you treat others badly in the past, Karma will catch up to you eventually. I can certainly attest to this theory. When Karma catches up to you, it doesn’t feel good at all. But I’m a pretty positive person, so my advice to those who have let Karma catch up to them is to embrace it. Embrace the experience of Karma, and never do wrong by others from here on out. If you have experienced Karma and know exactly why, just take it as a lesson. Cry your eyes out, keep yourself busy, and do what you have to do to get over that bridge, but know that things will only get better. Remember, Karma is real. Start evaluating your life to figure out who matters to you and who doesn’t and show them you appreciate them. Because Karma is a BITCH (sorry not sorry).

Positivism. — August 17, 2015


Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

SO its been about 10 days since I’ve written a post, I do apologize. Life has been throwing curve balls at me and I’ve had to try finding a way to get my future plans back in motion. Recently, I discovered that I had exceeded my maximum loan limit that finances my schooling and living expenses, and on top of that I haven’t worked since May of this year. The job thing isn’t a big deal because I save and have supportive friends and family, but I’m pretty particular about where I work. I always want a certain job and if it’s not a job that’ll help me reach my goals in life, I don’t want it. But the loan situation really had me worried that I would have to pay for my last semester of school out of pocket, or take out a private loan (which is the LAST thing anyone would ever want to do).

Today I got very good news. My school is giving me a scholarship that will pay for basically everything I was worried about, and I’m seriously so thankful. For about 2 weeks straight I had no answers, no certainty or the slightest clue about what I was going to do. But everything worked in my favor anyways because I stayed positive.

I’m here to tell you all that life is always going to throw curve balls your way, but it’s your job to remain positive through the negative. Stay positive when it feels like things are falling apart. I know. It’s easier said than done, but you have to do it. Remind yourself where you want to be in life and take the steps to get there. Bumps in the road will occur, but life happens. Handle your situations with positivity, and positivity will always be the outcome.

Time Waits for No One. — August 7, 2015

Time Waits for No One.


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” – Michael Altshuler

I recently moved back to Mount Pleasant, MI to start structuring my life for the next 6 months. Classes don’t start until 24 more days, but I wanted to get a huge head start. During past semesters, I struggled with time management. I tried to not only balance my school work, but I partied, traveled, and had a job all at the same time. It set me back, slightly, but not too far. If I hadn’t tried doing so many things at once though, I would’ve been done with school almost a year ago. But hey, ya live and ya learn!

So to make sure I don’t waste another moment, I’m going to use these 24 days to buy my books, grab notes from my peers for the classes I’m taking in the fall, and get to work immediately. It’s time to be ahead of the game so that I finish with a bang.

If you have the time and the resources in the palm of your hands, it’s time to take full advantage. Get ahead NOW if you have the time. Don’t procrastinate and wait until the time comes for you to put in the work. Put in the work now so that you can rest later, and you’ll be able to make time for leisure accordingly!

Build Your Network, and Maintain it. — August 4, 2015

Build Your Network, and Maintain it.


“Your network is your net-worth.”

Back in 2009 when I was 16 years old, I landed my very first internship at The Word Network. Through this internship, I had the chance to be a Master Control Technician for an entire summer, which means I was responsible for what was put on the air at the station. It was a very great experience and made me realize what I wanted to do. But I found out early on that it’s not what you know, but who you know in this industry. I was only 16 years old working at an established network AND getting paid, not because I applied and was offered the position, but it was solely based on my connections.

As my career progressed in college, I was offered even better opportunities. I had the chance to work at PBS Station, and was a producer at MAC TV Network. Though this sounds pretty cool, these opportunities were short lived because I didn’t know how to keep good relationships or remain in good graces with these professionals because I was immature and new to the game.

SO I want to let you all know to build relationships with people who can help you, but always remember to work hard to maintain good connections. Show people what you’re all about and that you’re serious about what it is that you do. If you want to make it big in life, you have to know big people. You are who you surround yourself with, so whoever you see yourself working with in the future, make friends with those people so they can help you reach your goals. But once you make those connections, it’s important to maintain a great impression on those folks to keep them in your corner. Remember, it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO.

Embrace the L-Word — August 2, 2015

Embrace the L-Word

“Love is Life, And if You Miss Love, You Miss Life.” – Leo Buscaglia

At this point in my life, I couldn’t be happier about where I am. I’ve made mistakes, traveled the world, seen many perspectives, and have had the chance to see how others live. This past June, I spent 7 full days in Jamaica, and really had the chance to embrace their culture. One huge difference between Americans and Jamaicans is that Jamaicans don’t worry about materialistic things like we Americans do. All that matters to them is being happy and loving one another no matter what.

That experience taught me a lot about love. By love I don’t necessarily mean “falling in love”, but just having love for myself and others. If everyone on this earth could embrace love more, we’d all be focused on unity instead of finding reasons to discriminate.

Don’t run from love. Love is a beautiful thing; love for yourself, love for God, love for what you do, love for your family, and even love for a partner. Don’t be afraid to embrace love. Don’t be afraid to show love to others. Don’t forget to spend time loving your own company for a day. Free yourself for love and always think with your heart, not the morals of society. Always strive to be the good person that you have the potential to be. Never brag about being the “bad guy” because that will only get you so far. It’s time for us all to start loving more, because the world we live in right now needs more individuals to spread love amongst each other instead of hate. Love will always win.

Failure isn’t an Option — August 1, 2015

Failure isn’t an Option


A Bend in the Road is not the End of the Road… Unless you Fail to make the Turn.” – Helen Keller

As summer is finally coming to an end, I’m preparing myself for my final semester of completing my undergraduate degree. Its bittersweet I should say. From changing my major twice to deciding to double major was over a 5 year process. But it’s finally coming to an end and I can’t even describe how excited I am. I’m finally one step closer to packing up my entire life to follow my dreams in Los Angeles. With the connections and relationships I’ve built over the past three years, my career couldn’t be any more promising. But back to the lesson of the day…

Though this is my last semester, I know it’s going to be the hardest semester of my entire college career. All of my classes are core classes, and the worst part is that there are five of them. Feeling nervous and anxious, I know that failure is not an option at this point. I cannot fail from this point on.

I want you all to know that whenever you’re faced with a new task or responsibility, grip it with both hands and do what is required plus more. Don’t do the bare minimum, and don’t cheat yourself out of an experience that can better your character and your mentality. Stay strong when it gets tough, and push through when it feels like you have nothing left to give. Be committed to being the best YOU, and you will never fail.

Your Happiness is Your Choice. — July 30, 2015

Your Happiness is Your Choice.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Having everything together in your life (stability, a partner, a career) are the key to most people’s happiness. But, when we don’t have our lives in complete order, it can be easy to get off track sometime. But through the process, always make sure that you put your happiness first.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If you’re not getting what you need through a job, relationship, or out of life, don’t let things just be. Do something about it and try different methods to find out what works best for you. Most importantly, don’t depend on others for your happiness. If it isn’t being fulfilled, it’s your responsibility to orchestrate the life you desire. Think of your life as this huge bubble, and know that it’s all up to you to fill that with all things that make YOU happy. YOU always come first. Thinking this way will help you to live life at ease.

Have a Nice Day!

Moving Forward; It’s OK to Make Mistakes. — July 28, 2015

Moving Forward; It’s OK to Make Mistakes.


Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer. – Denis Waitley 

Mistakes: 1. an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgement caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc. 2. a misunderstanding or misconception.

There have been many times in my life when I’ve been so hard on myself because things aren’t going my way. I’ve let amazing opportunities slip right through my fingers from bad decisions and selfish habits. I played the blame game with myself for a while, but sooner realized that letting my mistakes define me won’t ever get me far.

Letting go is a process, but that process is certainly worth it. The past can weigh over you, especially if you feel guilty about the decisions you’ve made or how others perceive you. Release everything out of your mind that makes you feel bad about your past decisions, and use that energy to make decisions that can better your future. The key is to think long term, and use anything that you are or have been through to guide you through future situations. Every lesson is a blessing, so make as many mistakes as you can while you’re young! But always keep your long term vision in mind.

Faith. — July 23, 2015



Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. – MLK, Jr. 

As a media enthusiast, I’m use to staying busy from sun up to sun down. From networking, attending meetings, and traveling, my life is always busy. Up until this summer. I moved back to Detroit to build up a network of people who are established in the industry in hopes of working side by side with these people. But, for the past 3 months, things have been more stagnant than EVER. I’m not going to front, I’ve been pretty discouraged. My faith is strong though, so that has kept me sane in this process.

I don’t want to get too deep into religion, but just going into a church setting can be so encouraging. I decided to build my relationship with the Lord about 2 years ago when I was in a horrible situation and didn’t know how to escape from it. One thing I have figured out is that when life isn’t going your way and you continuously encounter rejection is only because God is preparing you for something even bigger than what you may think is right for you at the time.

Trust in yourself, trust your gut, and keep your Faith no matter how hard it gets.. Stand strong and stay focused on trying to better your life, and opportunities you can’t even imagine will finally come your way. Your FAITH is the key to the vault!